Faith Stories
From the archives of Family Life Network
A christian radio program

Faith Stories

These captivating stories are told by real people talking about real events in their lives and how their faith in God helped them deal with life's challenges and opportunities. Although these stories were broadcast a number of years ago, they are as relevant today as when they were first heard.


None of the offers or requests for response made on the programs are still valid

1. The Mustard Seed
Pat Nixon talks about a mustard seed that grows people, not plants.
2. The Perfect Mom
Gail Reid set out to become the perfect mom. Her journey took her down some dark and troubling paths.
3. The Plate
A hand painted ornamental plate gave Gail Reid a whole new and precious look at herself and her relationship with God.
4. Through the Valley
"God Why Now"? Ferd Berg talks about his frightening, scary walk in the valley of death and came to realized that God was right there walking with him.
5. Going the Second Mile
What legacy are you leaving? John Redekop shares his life's experiences that were shaped by Christian values and integrity.
6. Spirit in Song
Lise Peters, with a passion for singing, reflects on the unconditional love of the heavenly Father in her songs.
7. Beyond Success
With all the success of his broadcasting career Darrel Janz was looking for peace. He had run out of options, afraid of losing what he had.
8. Purpose and Meaning
Reena and Marlyn share their personal life and special turning points which brought them to the reality of a loving and caring God and heavenly father.
9. Many Good Samaritans
The real story about pure love. The story of the work of "Samaritan's Purse" as seen through the eyes of reporter Rick Castiglione.
10. Music and Diamonds (Part 1)
God's diamonds. Lise Peters finds it easy to share her faith through her songs. Steve Bell, here's a song for this friend I have found.
11. Music and Diamonds (Part 2)
God's spirit gets its beauty by light shining through people, a light often created in their music.
12. What About God
What are the options when there is no hope, no close friends, nothing to look forward to. Musician Sam Rowland talks about some other options.
13. Future Unknown
Things are never going to be the same again. Do we know what we're doing? For Bob and Karen those thoughts were very much reality as they faced the future as missionaries.
14. Changes
John's story. Conning people, prison life, drugs as his escape. Nothing mattered. Could he trust God?
15. Giving Sight
Giving sight can mean more than giving eyesight. Anne Siemens, a group mother in a clinic in India, talks about Malini a little blind girl.
16. Like A Strong Tree
Strong in character, Strong in his faith. John Helton talks about being grounded in his faith, prepared for whatever happens in life.
17. Story Of David (Part 1)
As a shepherd David learned responsibility, learned about being equipped to protect the sheep. Being constantly vigilant. It payed off.
18. Story Of David (Part 2)
From a lion to a Philistine warrior, David trusted God for all that he needed. With God's help David was able to be victorious.
19. Looking For God
Dealing with loss, pain, stress and uncertainty, and wondering if there was somebody "up there" Mary found that God was real.
20. Tribute to Mothers
Mothers make a difference. "She's always there" "Ready to talk" "A really good listener" "Loving and understanding" " Makes sacrifices" Comments from children and adults talking about their mothers.
21. Story in Song
Singer/songwriters Colin Green, Lise Peters, and Rick Unruh take us into their lives, their stories and their songs.
22. Tribute to Fathers
Pictures of Dad as seen through the eyes of their children. " We could always count on dad".
23. Bittersweet Pain
Helga talks about what it takes to become a pearl.
24. A Very Personal God
From the creator of the universe to a loving shepherd, the many aspects of God as seen through the eyes of Wally, Gail, Steve and Trisha.
25. Defining Beauty
Trisha Romance working together with God creating moments of thanksgiving through her paintings.
26. Making Belief A Reality
Becoming a Christian, does it come easy or is it a life long struggle? Chad Allen talks about his journey.
27. Something More
What could you possibly need when you have everything? Driven to a full and prosperous life, Wendy was not happy till she discovered there was something she did not have.
28. Samaritan's Purse
Rolly talks about the entire person's needs in emergency relief work. We do what we can and all of us together do make a difference.
29. Christmas Tapestry
Contemplating the meaning of Christmas with an inspiring collection of reading, story and songs.
30. The Unwanted
Finding worth among the homeless, the outcast the discouraged, with genuine joy at the Scott Mission.
31. Truly Humble
What is the cost of giving joy to God ? Elaine shares her life among the very needy.
32. Experiencing God
What's it like to experience God? Is it possible? Lise and Marilyn talk about the experiences that brought them to a real closeness with God.
33. The Missing Piece
Money booze and gadget, are they a part of the puzzle? Dennis talks about finding the missing piece in the jigsaw puzzle of his life.
34. Friendship
How do you measure friendship? A variety of children and grown-ups talk about what friendship means to them.
35. Teamwork
A story about sharing the many talents, gifts and abilities for a common good.
36. A Song And a Prayer
The song "Amazing Grace", a prayer "The Lord's Prayer", powerful and inspirational. These are their stories.
37. Passing It On
Pat Nixon, from a miserable life on the street to becoming a light on the street for Christ.
38. The Child Shall See
A heart warming story about receiving and restoring eyesight. Dr. Arthur Jenkins talks about a medical ministry called "Operation Eyesight Universal".
39. Where Do Songs Come From
Singer songwriter Steve Bell gives us a glimpse of where his songs come from, using his voice and his words to share his thoughts and feelings to praise God.
40. Jesus The Man (Part 1)
Who was Jesus? What was he like? George Shillington talks about the complete scope of Jesus from the "Son Of God" to an everyday man.
41. Jesus The Man (Part 2)
What did the Temple represent and why did Jesus speak out against it? George Shillington continues his journey of the discovery of the historical Jesu.
42. Never Alone
Does loneliness mean being alone or is it something else ? Can't people see what is happening to me ? Words and music looking at loneliness.
43. The Back Door
The street culture is real. Carl talks about helping young people get off the street through the Back Door
44. Growing Up
Carl talks about his growing up and the adults that had a profound influence on him.
45. What's Inside
What's a thunder egg? Michael Ward talks about what's on the outside often does not tell us what's on the inside.
46. The Journey
The story of Lise Peters. The evolution of a singer/songwriter to a place of total dependence and trust in God.
47. Signs Of Christmas
Looking deeper, beyond the shopping, the lights and the parties.Christmas for many is brought alive through songs of reverence, hope and joy.
48. Serving
Christianity is something you do. Pastor Allan Dunbar talks about the joy of serving others.
49. The Black Road
The nightmare; The time of despair; Nothing was working; Nothing left to try except to end it all Pat talks about the night of the black road.
50. A Star In God's Heaven
How we deal with the tough times in life is often the measure of our trust in God. Elvera talks about always being thankful.
51. Blind Vision
Fred Schuman, blind from birth, as a counselor in the gang world of Chicago Fred sees with his heart
52. An Honest Mechanic
The making of an honest mechanic with integrity and openness. Bruce talks about the importance of following through on his word.
53. God The Creator
We are the works of His hand. Words and music to worship the giver of life.
54. Searching For God
In good times Isn't God amazing. In bad times can God be trusted? Ruth talks about a God she could understand.
55. Changing Directions
From a successful career in advertising to becoming church Minister, Bruce's sense of integrity has been at the core of his journey into the future.
56. Lonely Dan (Part 1)
Unloved! Unwanted! Henry Unruh tells the story of a man he saw framed in a window playing a violin.
57. Lonely Dan (Part 2)
What is a person worth? Henry talks about the growing friendship and trust between him and Dan with a surprising ending.
58. Attitude
Attitude is a matter of choice. Do we focus on life's problems or opportunities. David Unruh has some very practical suggestions.
59. Moments Of The Heart
Pastor Dan's reflections on life's journeys. The bright and the dark woven into the fabric of our lives.
60. A Lot Of Healing
A life begun with a lot of pain, growing up in an abusive situation, feeling worthless, no hope, Ginny White talks about finding the gentle healer, her Heavenly Father.
61. A Loving Portrait
A loving portrait of a family man, not diminished by his loss of memory. Lorlei talks about his father and the strength of love in the family.
62. Father Image
Carl paints a compelling portrait of his father on a father's day remembrance
63. Whole New World
After turning from a life of alcohol and drugs Violet needed something and someone she could count on. Her story about starting over again.
64. Essence Of Spirituality
Larry Wilson talks about a time in his life when he came under the influence of a young pastor with total acceptance, and was drawn to God by that experience.
65. A Very Real God
From high school into university with no serious thought about the future, Michael Ward shares his growing interest in God by seeing God's love in other people.