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Hymn Stories

A unique, behind the scenes look at old, familiar hymns and gospel songs.

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The Christmas Story

A fascinating journey back in time to the roots of these timeless treasures. Each story presents a distinctive image of the Christmas story.

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The Final 20 Minutes

What would you say to Christian husbands and fathers if this was your final opportunity? One man's reflection on his soul journey.

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Songs of Faith

There are numerous references in the Bible to songs as a way of worshipping God and expressing the deepest feelings of our faith. We want to share some of that wealth with you on these presentations.

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Faith Stories

These captivating stories are told by real people talking about real events in their lives and how their faith in God helped them deal with life's challenges and opportunities.

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Gott Grüsse Dich

A program of poetry and beliefs written by Peter P. Wiebe. He wrote some songs that were part of his collection for the different choirs he had, and also published the book of poems in 1947, in Yarrow BC. We hope you enjoy these wonderful poems and songs of faith

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